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Advice and Review of my TFOT

Would it be okay for someone that has been selected to OTS, or just anyone that knows more about the selection process, to take a look at my TFOT profile and review it? I didn't do so well on my AFOQT and plan to re-take it. I might not get a chance to re-take it in time for July, but figured I could do my best with everything else just in case. Still working on getting one more recommendation. I would like for someone who would love to help and offer their knowledge to review my TFOT so I can make it look neat and everything else. I have my old one and don't like it so I re-did it.
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OTS and TFOT Review

I am currently done with everything for Officer Training School except the interview. Currently practicing for that and also decided to go back and fix some things such as my TFOT profile and possibly going to look into re-taking the AFOQT.
I was wondering if anyone in this group would like to volunteer to review my TFOT profile? Preferably someone who has already applied, and/or been selected. I have already had two people review it and recommended some things. I was wanting to find a 3rd person to look at with fresh eyes after I'm done fixing it and tell me if there's anything that was missed or could still be fixed. Thanks in advance!
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An Actually Honest Review of Mukiltearth by The Fall of Troy

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Resources for space training school prep

I’m a new non-prior 13S getting ready for TFOT and, eventually, space training. Are there recommended resources for reviewing electromagnetic waves and orbital mechanics at a 101 level? Figure it’s never too early to start studying.
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Need Help with Looking Up My Driving Record ASAP

Hi all! The possibility of my applying for the TFOT 20OT01 was until 0800 EDT today looking like a hard no because I have a PCS to Hawaii with a RNLTD of 31 October 2019. However, my commander has been able to work something out with my gaining commander and we are going to be trying to push my RNLTD back far enough that I can apply with my current unit. Add on to this the fact that I am in/around coastal North Carolina, on leave, and the application is due Friday so it can be reviewed at the group level. While there are many things I am stressing over, one in particular is the block 15 on AF fm 56 asking about any violations to include minor traffic violations. I have not kept precise record on every traffic ticket I have and I do not know of anywhere I can go to get this information ASAP. I have USAA and tried calling them they told me to go to Lexisnexis which will be sending a full report to my mailing address most likely after Friday. I have tried looking it up on the judiciary case history for one of the states but cannot find it. Does anyone have anything I can try or any thoughts on the importance/how to fill out this section. Any help is appreciated.
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How did Peter Jackson land such a big movie series?

I've been rewatching all of behind the scenes from the extended versions and I'm confused about one thing. Just looking at Peter Jackson's Wikipedia page, it seems like he was doing low-budget stuff before Lord of the Rings and in the couple years preceding TFotR, it seems things were going poorly; lawsuit for defamation, poor reviews, etc.
So how in the world did he convince anyone to put him in charge of such a massive, expensive production? I'm incredibly glad they did, because it's easily my favorite trilogy ever and the incredible behind the scenes series shows how much work they did and how much above-and-beyond they did with this trilogy so much beyond your typical movie. But why was Peter Jackson even a consideration to head this up?
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Medical standards for Enlisted -> Officer

Does anyone know what medical standards the Air Force goes by for E to O? Are they accession standards or are they retention standards?
I have medical history that would DQ me from joining if I were a civilian, but it causes no issues with reenlisting, deploying, PCSing or anything. I'm not coded or WW limited at all.
I've looked through the AFI, TFOT, Attachments, etc but I keep getting finding conflicting answers. AFI says that accession standards are used for commissioning, but then the TFOT Questionnaire mentions meeting retention standards. Then the TFOT says the 422 has to say "Based on full record review the member is medically qualified for continued enlistment, commissioning, and cleared for worldwide duty and does not have an ALC or in the process of a medical evaluation board (MEB)."
I'm trying to decide if I should burn through finishing my Bachelor's or not. Any guidance or input would be appreciated.
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/r/PostHardcore Reviews: The Fall of Troy - Doppelgänger

The Fall of Troy - Doppelgänger | Released: August 15, 2005 | By RufinTheFury

What can be said of this album that has not already been said thousands of times before? It is arguably one of the most famous and beloved albums by both fans and casual listeners of the band alike. It is also a cornerstone of modern, progressive post-hardcore. The complexity of the riffs, the clean singing clashing with alternating screams, and raw power masked in clean production make this album a trend setter for later post-hardcore bands. Even now, almost 9 years after the original release, the album sounds just as fresh and original as any album released today. Already lauded for their first two releases, The Fall of Troy and Ghostship, Doppelgänger cemented The Fall of Troy as giants of the genre.
The sophomore LP is far less violent than the first. While some fans may lament the loss of the consistently rough and explosive sound that The Fall of Troy and Ghostship are famous for it is undeniable that Doppelgänger is the most accessible album of the band’s discography because of its solid production quality. There’s no soft mixture here to force you to turn the volume all the way up to get the full effect so the energy seems lessened; on the other hand, the technique is noticeably improved upon. A worthy trade off to me.
However, what is of most note for this album is that it is the perfect sound for the band This is the definitive album for The Fall of Troy. I believe that it’s the sound that the band, or at least Erak, always desired to make. Take the recycled material. Three songs on here are re-recordings of songs off the self-titled, one is a re-imagining, and one is a more polished version of a song off of Ghostship. While you can argue for or against the changes made it is clear that the band wanted them done for their own personal enjoyment. It is important to remember that The Fall of Troy did not start as a trio. Originally they were a four man band titled The Thirty Years War, but right before the recording of their first LP the second guitarist left. The remaining three re-made their sound in a hurry and ended up with their signature hyper aggressive style. This is quite at odds with the original sound of The Thirty Years War, which is very calm and measured with only a little controlled chaos. The new sound was loud and crazy and contained only one slow song similar to their original work; perhaps their original sound simply sounded empty without a second guitar and frenetic energy filled the void easier?
In any case, this all leads me to conclude that Doppelgänger captures the sound that the band had always strived for: intensity mixed with calm. As the Thirty Years War they were creating the style they desired and with The Fall of Troy they found a concept they liked. Most of The Thirty Years War songs were slow and mainly sung cleanly. The Fall of Troy was chaotic and was almost entirely screamed. Doppelgänger is the merging of the two extremes, of unbridled anger and peace, of two bands into one.
The sound of Doppelgänger is undoubtedly energetic still, but there’s a slick, shiny coat over all of it. The second track, “Act One, Scene One,” features heavy use of clean vocals and a fantastical ending that slips and fades away. Likewise the recreated “Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles” starts off incredibly aggressive and fast paced, but the second half of the song is far slower and features some impressive mixing with fade-ins from multiple guitars. It’s utterly beautiful. For every straight energy song like “Laces Out Dan” there is a more relaxed and middle of the road song like the fan favorite “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.” While it’s undeniable that the album is still rough and tough like The Fall of Troy it is also noticeably and enjoyably smoother.
With all this in mind it seems obvious to me that Doppelgänger is the band’s magnum opus. Unforgettable riffs, gorgeous singing, beautiful production, powerful screams, and a lasting power grace the album start to end. This is the album that you guide people to as a launch pad for The Fall of Troy and the album you point to for some of the greatest songs of the genre. It is truly a masterpiece of post-hardcore.
Final Verdict: 10/10
Recommended Tracks
Full Album
If you would like to get involved in the review writing process, details can be found here. Also check out our previous reviews!
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Form 422 questions

I just got my Form 422 back, and there are some minute differences between what the TFOT guide says to use as the language in the form, and what my medical team actually used. They're so small that they don't change any of the actual meaning of what's included in the form. However, I've heard how picky a board can be, and I'm wondering if this is something that's worth going back to have corrected, or if I'm ok. Here is what we're supposed to use, followed by what I actually received; I have inserted commentary in what I received on my completed 422, to highlight the differences:

TFOT Guide wording: Based on full record review the member is medically qualified for continued enlistment, commissioning, and cleared for worldwide duty and does not have an ALC or in the process of a medical evaluation board (MEB). Also member does not have an AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report, describing duty limitations or exemption from any component for Fitness Testing. Member has not had PRK or Lasik surgery.
My MPF's wording: Based of [Should be "on"] full record review the member is medically qualified for continued enlistment, commissioning, and cleared for worldwide duty and does not have and [Should be "an"] ALC or in the process of a medical evaluation board (MEB). Also member does not have a AF Form 469 [missing comma; extra word "with"] with Duty Limiting Condition Report [missing comma] describing duty limitations or exemption from any component for Fitness Testing. Member has not had PRK or Lasik surgery.

So my question can be boiled down to two things: Is it ok if the clinic who processed this completely dorked up the spelling and punctuation, or do I need to go hound them and tell them to do it again, correctly this time?
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Mothership is truly a work of art.

seriously, the boys did great.
tilians vocals are easily the best on this album. They feel the realest. looking back, the last two albums just had too much stuff going on the vocals, i couldnt "connect" with them, These still do have a lot of effects and all that but its done much better this time. you can still really hear all of tilians talent, and the added stuff is the cherry on top, just for fun.
Jon was like a really wild crazy person in the first few records. tightening up those vocals on DBMII helped a ton to transition into a raging monster for AS and IG, to now progressing to the point of harnessing the very angry flame that fuels Satan himself. This shows some insane progression, and its the perfect contrast to tilians angelic voice.
I feel bad because i dont have much to say for Matt, just because i dont play percussion instruments such as drums. I dont listen for fine details like i do the other instruments. however that shouldnt take away from the fact that matt has turned into a million and one times better drummer than he already was
Tim is Dat Boi. For sure. I dont even know where to start. from a bassist to another, those bass lines are so fucking nasty. 100% from album start to finish. absolutely fantastic stuff. we need solo bass albums lol. we gotta hear what your own music sounds like.
Will... Does anyone even need to say anything about this guy. like its a nice experience, its impressive when other musicians improve their sound and switch things up and it works well. When will does it, its too good. you can try to comprehend it but dont bother, just accept the noodly guitar gift from this wizard as fact, and live with it. Dont bother asking "how is he so good?". Its because the laws of the universe fucking said so.
These riffs are mind melting. i hear a lot of secret band, which i dig, but they still mixed it with Tilians pop thing. I LOVE how they did it too. The way the songs are written is very interesting too. We start with the very sweet Tilian heavy stuff. Then we get to a point where both vocalists are trading evenly. and as they are, the heavy parts get heavier as the album goes on, while the super poppy feels from the beginning start to tone down a bit. Frozen One is a beautiful blend of both styles. you have a lot of clean vocals in dancy parts, unclean in heavier sided parts. then uncleans in dancier parts, cleans in heavier parts. then there was a mix of both vocals at the same time, ot just a more present lower register Tilian voice, which did the job well. Vocally is was incredibly dynamic. Instrumentally, there was soooo much going on. they were in blackened death metal one second, and radio bubblegum pop the next. This band is stupid levels of diverse. I heard a lot of possible bands that influenced this album. and if im right, that makes me feel really optimistic about my own music, where you can tell "oh this band totally influenced that section, i dig the vibes, etc" but its still so incredibly original. I felt like i heard some Sergio vibes in philosopher kings intro. and like if franzino was killin that bass line towards the end of Petting Zoo in the clean part. There are such obvious TFOT vibes. probably just because the guitar tones are similar. they're just this specific kind of nasty tones only certain guitar players have. but the closest i can reference is TFOT. and in the riffing itself to an extent.
anyway its 2am now, ive listened twice, im still blazed as hell, and im just gonna go to sleep. i guess thats like a review of the band on this album.. pretty poorly done, whatever. I hope you are all enjoying this masterpiece as much as i am.
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